Headington Headlines #133

No Headington Headlines last week as I was away, but now here again is my weekly round-up of local news, this time for 14 – 20 October.

The Oxford Times reported that St Andrew’s School is the most popular primary school in the county, measured in terms of the number of people who put schools down as their first, second or third preference compared with the number of places offered. On this measure there were 8.3 applications per place at St Andrew’s.

The County’s consultation on issues around a transport strategy for Headington closed last week. Here are links to some of the reponses by interested groups:

The map of the area proposed to be covered by the Headington Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Oxford City Council for approval. The Headington Plan website has an explanatory commentary. The Neighbourhood Plan Forum met on Thursday (report not yet published).

@headingtonnews pointed out that Barton West lies in the parish of St Andrew’s, Old Headington and wondered if this will change.

Professor Audrey Mullender, Principal of Ruskin College, announced her retirement with effect from 30 November. She has held the role since 2004.

Carl Sprake posted a blog about lichens in St Andrew’s churchyard in Old Headington.

In what looks suspiciously like a troll the Oxford Mail carried a story saying that in the long term, Christ Church might sell some of the land it owns adjacent to the West Barton development. The land is in South Oxfordshire District and is Green Belt so I suggest the chances of anything happening in the forseeable future are vanishingly small.

The Butchers Arms @ButchersArmsOxfhas a new shark-themed logo (with no apostrophe).

Police are looking for a Headington 17-year old who is charged with rape and who failed to attend a court hearing.

Up & Running moved across the road into the old Cartridge World shop, but there’s still no sign of Morrison’s opening.

Rosemary Restaurant continued to strip its façade of all signage. Unconfirmed rumours are that it will re-emerge with a different name.

Headington Ward’s LibDem councillors and the Friends of Old Headington have pooled funds to provide a grit bin on Ethelred Court (it’s off Dunstan Road if you didn’t know). The bin’s on order.

Active topics on the Headington & Marston e-democracy forum this week:

  • Has anyone got a large Santa suit they could loan for a day?
  • Headington Transport Strategy Consultation
  • Some Concerns about Headington
  • Headington Neighbourhood Plan Forum
  • New Headington bus routes
  • Punctuality Problems on No 4 Bus
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